To register as entrant in the Parade you have two options:  online or mail in a hard copy.

Registration Deadline:  registrations may be submitted until 5 pm, Friday November 19, 2021

We are excited to have you as part of this year’s Clayton Christmas Parade!


Please Be Advised,

As Co-Hosts, the Rotary Club of Clayton and Town of Clayton at their sole discretion,

Reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason or no reason.


First, please download and review the 2021 Parade route.  You are responsible for ensuring everyone in your group knows and is capable of completing the route, particularly if they are walking.

PDF icon2021 Clayton Christmas Parade Route

Regardless of the method you choose to register, begin by downloading the “Rules and Requirements” and “Registration Form” for referenceThe “Registration Form” details registration choices and the corresponding fees.  Then decide which option to use to register.  We recommend the online option as the easiest and fastest way to register.  Note, we use PayPal for its secure payment process.

  PDF icon Clayton Christmas Parade Entrant Rules and Requirements  PDF icon Clayton Christmas Parade 2021 Entrant Registration Form

An application will only be considered complete for review and approval when the Clayton Rotary Club has received the Registration form by the registration deadline filled out in full and signed, the Entrant Rules and Requirements form signed and the correct and full Entry Payment.  When completing the registration form, you will see we ask for a Responsible Party and Contact Person.  One individual may fulfill both roles.  However, the Responsible Party must be the individual the organization has officially given the authority to act on behalf of the organization and must be the same individual who signs the Entrant Rules and Requirements form on behalf of the organization.

If you are interested in a Pre-Decorated Float, prior to registering please click on the Float Image below for information on, and photos of the Pre-Decorated Floats available for rent.  These floats are rented on a first come, first serve basis.


Pre-decorated floats from other than our approved vendor will NOT be accepted.

These floats require additional coordination during set up which is part of our agreement with our vendor.


The Rotary Club of Clayton and the Town of Clayton as Parade Co-Hosts, are first and foremost interested in the safety of all participants including entrants, spectators, volunteers, neighbors along the parade route and public safety personnel.  The parade has a long history as a fun and joyous celebration of the holiday season for children and adults.  Your anticipated cooperation in following the Entrant Rules and Requirements will help ensure your safety and that of the other participants.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and for your commitment to be a part of this great annual event.

Entrants must observe all rules and regulations, and the instructions of Parade Marshalls and Town Public Safety personnel.  The Rotary Club and Town Parade Team reserves the right at its sole discretion, to make any changes to the rules at any time without notice as it deems necessary.  Any entrant or member of any entrant organization that fails to follow any rule or instruction willfully or out of negligence before, during or after the Parade may, at the sole discretion of the Rotary Club and Town Parade Team or a member of the Town of Clayton Police, be removed from the Parade at any time and/or prohibited from participating in future parades.

 OPTION ONE:  Online Registration

To register and pay online please use the form below.  Prior to registering online, we recommend you take a few minutes to download and review both of the paper forms as it will assist you in understanding the information you will be asked to provide and the rules you will be required to acknowledge and follow.  Please note that you will be taken to a Secure PayPal checkout page once you complete your selections and submit payment via a credit card.

Entry Fees

Please Note fees are per vehicle or group, not per entry.  For example, a vehicle towing a float, followed by walkers will have one fee for the vehicle and float, and a second fee for the walkers.  Please check all fees applicable to your entry.

Pre-Decorated Floats:  Rental Fees

There are a limited number of pre-decorated floats available for rent (see information and photos here).  All floats must be Paid In Full when the order is placed:  No Exceptions!  Fee includes one (1) tow vehicle.  If interested, please check your selection.

Entries With Children

You must complete this Section if you have children participating in your entry.

Online Registration Form

OPTION TWO:  Mail-In Paper Registration

Download the two forms below, complete them in full and submit them with your entry payment.  If you choose this option, please take time to read the instructions on the forms before completing and submitting your registration packet.  Incomplete packets will not be processed and will delay your registration.

  PDF icon Clayton Christmas Parade Entrant Rules and Requirements    PDF icon Clayton Christmas Parade 2021 Entrant Registration Form

Payment may be made via check, money order or credit card (cash will NOT be accepted).  After you have completed the forms, you may mail your registration packet to us at the following address,

Clayton Rotary Club
PO Box 462
Clayton NC 27528-0462