Entrant Rules & Requirements

The Rotary Club of Clayton and the Town of Clayton as Parade Co-Hosts, are first and foremost interested in the safety of all participants including entrants, spectators, volunteers, neighbors along the parade route and public safety personnel. The parade has a long history as a fun and joyous celebration of the holiday season for children and adults. Your anticipated cooperation in following the rules below will help ensure your safety and that of the other participants. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and for your commitment to be a part of this great annual event.

Entrants must observe all rules and regulations described here, and the instructions of Parade Marshalls and Town Public Safety personnel (Download Parade Entrant Rules). The Rotary Club and Town  Parade Team reserves the right at its sole discretion, to make any changes to the rules at any time without notice as it deems necessary. Any entrant or member of any entrant organization that fails to follow any rule or instruction willfully or out of negligence before, during or after the Parade may, at the sole discretion of the Rotary Club and Town Parade Team or a member of the Town of Clayton Police, be removed from the Parade at any time and/or prohibited from participating in future parades.


1. The Parade will be held on the scheduled date and time regardless of weather and all entry fees are non-refundable.

2. The Rotary Club and Town Parade Team reserves the right to reject any entry for any reason or no reason.

3. Any entry involving animals will require special review by the Rotary Club and Town Parade Team, thus it is strongly recommended that entrants with animals submit their application as early as possible. If approved the entrant will be responsible for cleaning up any of their animal droppings.

4. Only entrants with applications and payment submitted prior to the deadline specified on the entry form and approved by the Rotary Club and Town Parade Team may participate in the parade.

5. All entries (including individual cars, SUVs, min-vans, vans and trucks, floats, club vehicles and walking groups) must have a Christmas/Holiday theme and decorations, regardless of the type of organization.

6. All music played by any entry must be Christmas/Holiday themed and may not contain any language that would commonly be considered vulgar. Music volumes and any other sounds shall be maintained at a reasonable volume.

7. The order of entrants in the Parade is under the sole discretion of the Rotary Club and Town Parade Team.

a. The American Legion Color Guard will lead the Parade.

b. Santa will ride at the end of the Parade as a guest of the Rotary Club and Town Parade Team. Entrants are NOT permitted to include a Santa character as part of their entry.

8. Candy may be HANDED OUT TO SPECTATORS BY PARADE PARTICPANTS THAT ARE WALKING!  Throwing candy, favors or other materials to spectators from any entry, including walkers, is expressly prohibited.

9. Political campaigning is expressly prohibited.

10. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by entry participants before or during the Parade is expressly prohibited.

Child Safety

1. All entries with children participants must designate a minimum of one (1) adult to supervise the children from the time they are dropped off by their parent/caregiver until they are returned to their parent/caregiver.

2. The Supervising Adult is entrusted at a minimum, to ensure the children’s safety during pre-parade setup, the parade, disembarking from vehicles/floats and returning them to their parent/caregiver.

3. All children twelve and under must have their name and their parent’s/caregiver’s name and contact information on their person.

4. Parents not involved in the entry may NOT follow their children in the parade.

5. Failure to follow these safety guidelines may result in the Police filing child neglect charges against the entrant’s designated Supervising Adult(s) and Responsible Person.

Vehicle Safety

1. Only individuals with valid licenses may operate motor vehicles

2. Only individuals 18 and older with valid licenses may operate tow vehicles.

3. Entrants must have liability coverage for all vehicles and proof of coverage shall be submitted with the entrant’s application.

4. All vehicles must move in the direction of the Parade and remain a safe distance (45 – 55 feet) from preceding and following entries and spectators.

5. No entry shall unload vehicle/float participants until a Parade Marshall advises it is safe to do so.

6. Drones are expressly prohibited as part of an entry.

Float Safety

1. All floats must be constructed to operate safely, including electrical safety, no protrusions on the sides and of a height that will not interfere with overhead power lines or lights.

2. All floats carrying riders must have handholds for each rider.

3. No riders shall have arms or legs hanging off the float.

4. Any self-propelled floats must have a spotter walking beside the float that is in two-way radio communication with the float driver.

5. Float riders will board the float during the Parade setup and remain on the float until the end of the Parade when instructed it is safe to disembark by a Parade Marshall.

Bands/Marching or Walking Groups

1. All Bands/Groups must maintain forward travel along the route within 45 -55 feet of the preceding entrant.

2. Performance stops are limited to ninety (90) seconds or less and to a total of no more than four (4) stops.

Kings & Queens

1. Must be at least 5 years old and duly elected by their school or organization.

2. Must be in a convertible driven by a licensed individual at least 18 years old: maximum of 2 plus driver.