Please use the links below to download the Instructions you and your Team will need for the 2021 Parade.  The Parade Lineup is now posted below for download by Entrants and all their participants.

It is critical you regularly check this page before the Parade for any changes or updates!  Please communicate this information to all of your participants in the Parade by sharing a link to this page.  It is critical Parade participants have copies of the maps and instructions for Parade assembly and end of Parade flow so they know where to go and to ensure float riders SAFETY.  You and your team’s cooperation is essential to making the Parade a happy and safe event.

  1. PLEASE SHARE THE LINK TO THIS PAGE WITH EVERYONE IN YOUR GROUP – good communications makes for a smooth event. NOTE, THE ROUTE IS SAME AS 2019 – be sure everyone knows!
  2. PLEASE ARRIVE WITHIN YOUR TIME WINDOW (INCLUDED THE LINEUP DOCUMENT) – float riders may arrive after the float, but should be in place by no later than 2:15 PM.
  3. PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS FROM VOLUNTEERS AND POLICE OFFICERS – they are there to help you and to ensure everyone’s safety!
  4. PLEASE FOLLOW THE END OF PARADE PLAN – this is the portion of the Parade with the greatest risk; please do not disembark from floats until you have reached your disembark location as shown on the Map.  Remember kids will model adult behavior, be SAFE!

Thank you, dress for the weather and we will see you Saturday December 11th!

DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD LINKS:  when you click on a link below it will open a new tab or page. Click on the image you see on the new page to open it and then download it to your computer for reference and printing.

Entrant Instructions and Maps – 20121

Entrants List in Alphabetical Order

Entrant List in Lineup Order